Value X3 Accelerator

The World's Most Advanced M&A Accelerator

Have you wondered how some companies multiply in value by hundreds of percent seemingly overnight?

We’ve all heard about the successes of Uber, Google, Microsoft and Apple. But their well-known stories have overshadowed the performance of many smaller companies that have exponentially multiplied their value using the same strategies as these industry titans.

How is it possible? And more importantly, how can you accomplish the same success?

The answers relate to your Maximum Acquisition Value, something you must know about your company, and something you must know how to achieve. It’s not enough to just grow. In today’s Innovation Economy you must have a “hyper-growth” strategy. Competition is much more intense and competitive advantages can disappear overnight, so you have to have a “grow big fast” strategy.

Most Companies Don’t Know How To Achieve Hyper-Growth – That’s Why We Created ValueX3!

ValueX3 will provide you with the answers and help you achieve exponential value growth. Our handling of 5,000-plus clients has produced ground-breaking insights that have culminated in the proprietary process known as ValueX3.

We call it a Value Creation Accelerator™…you can call it a merger and acquisition supercharger…or a business value super booster. All are accurate.

Our Value X3 system quickly assesses:

  • Where you are
  • Where you want to go
  • And the best route to get you there

Value X3 evaluates 55 valuation drivers that identify your strengths and weaknesses and results in a strategy that will help you achieve Maximum Acquisition Value – typically over 300%.

ValueX3- A strategy that puts you in the driver’s seat for creating significant increases in your company’s value today, not years from now.


More than 90% of businesses fail to achieve Maximum Acquisition Value, because they don’t know three vital things about their company:

  1. What’s actually driving the value in the most successful companies in their industry?
  2. How to extract hyper-value from their company’s untapped intellectual property and hidden intangible assets?
  3. The profile of the ideal strategic buyer (and what he’s really looking for) that creates Maximum Acquisition Value?


ValueX3 provides you with answers to these 3 questions that every CEO should be asking:

  1. What’s my company’s current market value?
  2. What’s my company’s Maximum Acquisition Value if I extract all potential value from its intellectual property and intangible assets?
  3. What changes does my company need to make to attract a strategic buyer willing to pay Maximum Acquisition Value?

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ValueX3 offers Business Valuation Center clients the opportunity to understand their current Valuation and maximize their investment or acquisition value; however it’s not a fit for every company. In order to help us establish whether your company is a fit for ValueX3, please answer the following questions:


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