“We engaged Business Valuation Center to do a valuation of our entire portfolio. We found their work to be excellent. Their work was presented to the SBA and they worked well with the SBA’s staff and clearly have the SBA’s respect. Their response to any issue was always prompt and knowledgeable and they addressed all significant valuation issues in their report. We would recommend them to other SBICs or private equity firms.”

— Townsend Ziebold, Jr., President, Wasserstein & Company

“Business Valuation Center has been engaged by several of my clients to do valuation work. I have always found the work Business Valuation Center does for my clients to be excellent. Furthermore, your response to any issues raised by my clients during the course of your valuation work has been thoughtful, knowledgeable and well thought out. In addition, I have found your reports to be very well done, well organized and well presented. I would recommend you to other SBICs or private equity firms.”

— Michael Haynes, Principal, Semmes, Bowen & Semmes

“We engaged Business Valuation Center on two separate projects. We found your firm’s work to be outstanding and professional, as did the other parties engaged in the valuation. Your customer support was prompt and knowledgeable. We would recommend your firm to other SBICs or private equity firms.”

— Wayne Foren, President, DCC Operating, Inc., Development Capital Ventures, LP Corporate General Partner, DCC Operating, Inc.

“Business Valuation Center’s work on the valuation of the Megunticook Fund portfolio was excellent.”

— Lynne Anderson, CFO, Megunticook Management, Inc.

“We want to thank you for the efficient and professional manner in which Business Valuation Center prepared the valuation report on selected companies in our portfolio. We found you to be easy to work with and your work to be thorough and timely. In addition, we appreciated your positive attitude and strong work ethic. We would recommend you to other private equity firms who may need a similar analysis.”

— Thomas C. Simpson, Managing Partner, Northwest Venture Associates

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